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Freya Aswynn

Northern Mysteries & Magick
Poul Anderson

War of the Gods
Stuart W. Mirsky

King of Vinland's Saga
Michael Holmes

King Arthur:
A Military History
Herwig Wolfram

The Roman Empire &
Its Germanic Peoples
Herwig Wolfram

History of the Goths
Bruce Mitchell
Fred Robinson

Guide to Old English
Gale R. Owen

Rites & Religions
of the Anglo-Saxons
James C. Russell

Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity
Malcolm Todd

The Early Germans
Cornelius Tacitus

The Agricola and The Germania
Peter S. Wells

The Barbarians Speak
 C. Dean Andersson

Warrior Witch
 C. Dean Andersson

Warrior Rebel
 C. Dean Andersson

Warrior Beast

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