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The Heathen &
Asatru Pages

Angelseaxisce Ealdriht
Anglo-Saxon Heathens
Apple Tree Kindred
Arizona Kindred
Asatru Alliance
Asatru Austin Assembly
Asatru Basics
Asatru Community Church
Asatru Fellowship of New Zealand
Asatru Folk Assembly
Asatru Kindred of Australasia Inc.
The Asatru Way
The Asgard Troth
Assembly of the Elder Troth
Barbarian's Page of Norse Paganism
Beamdunas Mot
Bifrost in Norway
Bifrost Kindred of Edmonton
Calasa Kindred
Children Of Midgard
Comunità Odinista
David Almer's Asatru Page
De Noordse Traditie
The Eagle's Kindred
Erik's Hall
Fiskiörn Kindred
Foreningen Forn Sed
Forn Siðr
Freya Aswynn
German-American Asatru
Germanic Goddesses
Germanic Neopaganism
Gladsheim Kindred
The Great Ash Kindred
Grundair's Hearth
Hagalaz' Runedance
Hammerstead Kindred
Heathen Carvings
The Heathen Update
Hermandad Asatru Argentina
High Reaches Kindred
Hrimfaxi Hearth

Irmin's Way
Irminsul AEttir

KaerHrafnr Kindred
Keeper of Seasons Hall
Kindred Spirits Hearth
Knotted Hammer Kindred
Land of Confusion
Lone Tree Kindred
Loki Cult
Mountain Thunder
Nätverket för Nordisk Sed
NewGladhome Hearth
New Mexico Asatru Council
Night Winds
Nordfolk Asatru Free Kindred
Nordstrom Kindred
Odinic Rite
The Odinist Fellowship
Odhinnist Resource Page
The Odin Brotherhood
The Rainbow Bridge
Raven Kindred
Raven Kindred North
Raven Online
Raven's Troth Kindred
Reginleif Felag
Ring of Troth
The Seiðman Rants
Srdan's Asatru hall
Sveriges Asatrosamfund
Theodish Belief
Thorr's Hammer Kindred
Thrudheim Kindred
Two Ravens
Velkommen til Gimlé
The Viking Answer Lady
Vingolf Kindred
Wednesbury Theod
Werkgroep Traditie v.z.w
Whispering Ravens
Wodansdag Press
Woden's Harrow
Wolfgar Kindred
The Wyrd Page
Wyvern's Faith, Folk, Family