Call to Frigg, Mother of the Folk

Lady Frigg, most magnificent!
Asgard's Queen, in your cloak of stars:
We call to you: Be with us now!

Send your mighty maidens to us:
Swift Gna, bringing grace and good fortune;
Golden Fulla with her overflowing gifts;
Gentle Hlin, giving comfort and strong warding
Against all grief, despair and evil
That assail the heart.

Teach us your wisdom, Mother,
To order our lives, homes and folkways rightly,
For the good of all,
And to reflect your grace and brightness.

(By Winifred Hodge)

Call to Frigg, the Silent Knower

Lady Frigg, in your misty halls at Fensalir,
On far-seeing Hlidskjalf,
From the deepest wells of knowledge,
Share with us the silent wonder of the world!
All-knowing Frigg, norn-wise,
You know there is no tongue in which to tell
Of all that is and that shall be;
To sort the spinning strands of possibility
Into a span of words.
Yet with your spindle and your well-strung loom
You weave the airy clouds
And send the winds to shape them,
Writing your wordless wisdom-runes
In the ever-changing valleys of the sky.
Teach us, Lady, to heed
The wisdom that lies beyond all words.

(By Winifred Hodge)

Frige Boast

Frige I boast, Lady All-Holy,
Woden's loved companion, wonder-working queen!
Shining lady, splendid queen of tribes,
Blessed in triumph, binding folk together.
Lover of your people, lady bright-minded,
Bridler of kin-strife, bourne of kin-mindfulness.
Protector and peaceweaver, friendly goddess:
Your blessing give us, to babies and brave men,
Mother kind, of mind most excellent.
Great-hearted queen, holding secret counsel
With god-loving soothsayers; to the wise-minded
Giving rede and wisdom, discretion and prudence.
Key-keeper mighty, in your starry cape,
Silver adorned, shining heaven's queen!
Bid us blithely together
To your benches at Fen-Hall sitting;
Offer us the cup of frith and happiness,
Frige, Queen beloved!
Frige, my beloved.

(By Winifred Hodge)

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